Household Cleaner

Best Household Cleaners, Polishes and Protectants

When the pipes are in good working order, there are no issues. With the right products, you can polish and protect your pipes and plumbing from corrosion and rust by yourself without an appointment with a professional. This could even save you the potential for a future leak or pipe replacement down the road. In fact, many professional detailers around the world use Flitz products in their line of service work! Our formulas are made from premium German materials, and all products are manufactured by our local team in Waterford, Wisconsin. With over 40 years of polishing experience, you can trust our metal polish, paint sealants, and polisher buffers to work as they should.


Plumbing and Janitorial Paste Polish

Let's start with the paste polish cream that has been the staple of our company for over 40 years - our signature Paste Polish. The cream is a safe-to-use, easy-to-apply metal polishing compound for all metal and paint surfaces. Use our metal polish to remove oxidation, contaminants, discolorations, tarnish buildup, water stains, surface rust and more from your plumbing. Unlike other polishes, Flitz is non-abrasive, non-toxic, and non-flammable. So you don't have to worry about damaging the metal components of your plumbing or any painted pipes, such as gas or water lines. Try it on your plumbing, furnaces, windows, door frames and knobs, bathroom faucets, light fixtures, and more. You'll see why it is the best janitorial polish on the market!







Metal Buffer Polisher

Buffing and polishing can be a tough job when working hard. Here at Flitz, we decided to create an effective, affordable polishing buffer that saves your hours of work on every job from restoring old pipes to polishing up those bathroom faucets. Unlike fragile foam balls, ours is made from cloth-like synthetic fabric called viscose. This design is self-cooling, tear resistant, washable, guaranteed. It also covers and protects edges on your drill to keep you from accidentally scratching paint surfaces. While professional detailers use power buffers that are extremely expensive and difficult to use without burning through car paint, the Flitz Buff Ball is just as effective at a fraction of the price. It also comes with a free 1.76oz tube of our Paste Polish!









Liquid Polish for Janitorial Work

Next up is our liquid polish, which is the same formula as our paste polish but in a liquid form. Don't let this liquid version fool you though, it is a high performing metal polish. Specially formulated to clean with the ease and economy of a liquid, this concentrated formula goes three times farther than other liquid cleaners. Just like the cream, it is safe to use on metal, glass, and plastic surfaces as it is non-abrasive, non-toxic, and non-flammable. Say goodbye to tarnish, residue, discolorations, and oxidation. Simply apply to the area in need of polishing and buff immediately with a microfiber cloth or buff ball.











Premium Metal Polishing Cloth

As we developed our polishes and sealants, we noticed many towels and cloths on the market could not perform what we needed them too. Some left streaks, others tore apart after multiple uses. So we decided to create our own 16x16 premium polishing cloth that works on any surface, wet or dry, and removes residue with ease using electrostatic properties. Extremely durable and machine washable (wash with colors only), our Microfiber Polishing Cloth allows every polishing job to shine effortlessly.